Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No man

Walking through the underground metro I spotted a security guard with a dog, a gentle looking beast actually with a grid iron muzzle over its beak. this dude look menacing, bald hair with a berray(spelling) hat. He looked like he had lost his life savings on one bet of a coin, and was prepetually angry at everything. It was the kind of anger that gives of energy through the eyes. Menacing but grabing you in, like a black hole. I naturally walked up to him and in horrible german asked to take his photo "Kann, umm, Ich dien, foto, umm Machen?"as soon as I speak he jerks the dog away from me, as if it were about to act on pulse. as if at the sound of an american voice would activate it into attack mode and it would tear right through its chainlink fence of a mouth guard and straight into my nuts. "Was?" i have to repeat, as he grits his teath without opening his lips. NEIN! he lasers my direction. it was the most horrific and jostling no i have heard yet. far worse than a drunk bigot, or a loud asshole telling me about privacy or some shit. it carried so much resenment and pain within him into my ears. Even though i new it was coming , his response made me laugh inside histerically. not laughing for its funniness but because I was suddenly very nervous.

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