Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back of the Bus - Adobe Books - on Saturday

Raphael Villet and Katie Wheeler-Dubin present “Back of the Bus” a night of readings, performances, music and unexpected occurrences. BOTB brings together a dynamic array of writers and performers whom we think are killing it here in the Bay Area. Ten chosen artists will perform in the back gallery of Adobe Books, responding to this theme in any way they desire.

Adobe Books has been the epicenter of many forms of art: literature, visual art, performance art, and it’s approaching closure due to inflated rent pushes us to create an event that will pay tribute to it’s history within the Bay Area literary scene.

Follow your heart and come to Adobe Books on June 23rd

Event begins at 7:00 PM, readings begin at 7:30 sharp.
Beer and or maybe Wine served. Oh hell yes.

just hit up the shadows

through the blinds