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Friday, October 28, 2011

You Look Familiar 2011-2012

I suppose I should finally post about the show I'm currently in. I'm pretty honored to exhibit in City Hall, even if they won't let me bring my skateboard in. The juried show has ten bay area artists who's body of work focuses on the theme You Look Familiar. I have 7 photos.

My work is a reflection/response to the physical settings of public transportation in cities around Europe. Rome, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Copenhagen and of course Berlin. I tried to document the sense of alienation that occurs in those sometimes very cold and monstrous places. Also, I looked at the way in which being stuck on a train platform forces one to reflect on their day/lives and can often put people in this self-reflective trance.

If you're downtown (without a skateboard) check it out.

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"smoke beers"

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ok ok alright

This is in fact not the end but a rebirth a, a reinvigoration of ze blog