Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't expect to get paid

unrelated to photography. related though, to content on the interweb. it seems more and more people are becoming jaded about this structure of open free access to creative content that the web allows for. feelin' this guys (below) words and others, the whole thing is coming back around in full circle, so quickly too...many things to say about it. So many people use the internet; facebook, wiki, googlesearch, without even questioning the way its all set up. just because its structured the way it is, doesnt mean we can't reevaluate it. Its important to remmeber that. the idea that people are coming to expect that other people open the doors to thier creativity in whatever form they show it, for free and for everyone, is sure to effect the way people creating content view thier content. a price allways has to be paid.