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Friday, December 21, 2012

Bay Area Bands

Sup ya'll
I worked with a good friend and artist Sean Vranizan to create this calendar of bands. These are photos I've collected over the last 4 years, of bands that stand out to me, bands that I think are rad, funny, ridiculous, and exemplary of this Bay Area scene. Notice there aren't alot of women, also exemplary.

The Series exists as a edition of 15 available at:
Rock Paper Scissors - Oakland
Needles and Pens - San Francisco

These calendars were risograph printed onto found newsprint. The matte fotos were hand mounted onto each page giving a more tangible appearance to each page. The found wood was sanded for superior handling, and convenience!

Thank you Julia Warner at Vortex Riso for helping print this calendar.

I also made a series of 25 mini zines! Hit me up if you guys want one. 6 bucks.

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